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 Happy New Year everyone! 

edited owl headband with cat

I am relieved to put 2015 behind me, to be honest it was a really hard year.  That being said it is more important to focus on the amazing things that happened and the accomplishments, and there were quite a few!


In 2015 The Crafty Jackalope proved to be a viable business doubling from 2014,  and for that I am forever thankful.  It is my passion to create, knit, design and teach.  To be able to do this work full time and to be supported by my fans, customers, family, friends and students is so encouraging and fulfilling.  I truly feel thankful to everyone and I am excited to continue to develop new projects, designs, kits and teach moving forward into 2016.  There is no short of ideas and projects to come to fruition.

the crafty jackalope

Probably one of the momentous accomplishments of 2015, although, still a work in progress, was the launch of thecraftyjackalope.com


Graduating from etsy (my knitting/crochet patterns are still available on the etsy shop) to a full ecommerce site is just so incredible.  Now all the TCJ products including patterns, knit/crochet kits {yarn & pattern}, project bags, and stitch markers are all in one place.  I also started a new blog off the site called the inspiration place (click here to view).  Every Monday I post either a new product, new pattern, new knit/crochet kit or a new technique.  You can also sign up for the monthly newsletter where I will be recapping the previous month and offering exclusive newsletter deals!  The Crafty Jackalope newsletter will come out the first Monday of each month.


Other exciting news, I opened an account with SweetGeorgia Yarn and will slowly add more and more knit/crochet kits with her stunning colors!  So far I kit up the Portobello Cowl version 2.0 which is now available on the site. Check back weekly to be inspired! I recommend the SweetGeorgia Podcast.


Other great things in 2015, Mike and I got to be extras on the set of the Fear The Walking Dead!  How cool is that!!??


KNit City 2015 3

KNit City 2015 4


Mum and I shared a booth at Knit City this October and it was so much fun!  The Crafty Jackalope paired with Talking Clay just works!



Princess Leia Baby Hat


Star Wars the Force Awakens came out a few weeks ago and was AMAZING! Princess Leia hat & Yoda Hat are the obvious choice!



The Puddle Shawl and I both got recognition in Vogue Knitting Magazine this fall in the Canadian Designers section; what an honor!



My mum gifted me this AMAZING Purl Soho cashmere Ombre Wrap…I am 3 1/2 out of 8 skeins in….

North by Northwest interview 1 North by Northwest interview 2

I was interviewed by Sheryl MacKay from North by Northwest!


Reflecting back, 2015 was pretty amazing in so many ways!  Moving forward with that momentum is how I choose to embrace 2016!


Rest in peace Edith Keen & Ann Carter.  You will be missed. We carry your memories through kindness and craft ~

Edith Keen nani




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Today, day 3: Magpie Darling Cowl


Everyone knows I looooove sparkles, so naturally, I had to design something again with a bit of glitz!  The yarn is 2 strands held together through out, one of Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply (sample in color #03 black), and the other Yildiz Himalaya (fingering/or 4ply) in color #58105 black.


I think this cowl is pretty versatile, if you want something not so glam, you can use any 4ply/sock/fingering weight yarn held with a thin mohair.  Or, an even more simple version, which I am currently working on, just hold one strand of 4ply or a sport weight.  I am using Koigu and I have to say, I like it!

Magpie Cowl Koigu


If you love the original version I have kits for sale on Etsy {yarn & pattern} for $32.00

magpie Cowl Kit magpie Cowl Kit 2


If you just want the pattern you can find I here:

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Working from home has its challenges. I am definitely an independent worker, I like to focus on my own but I do get lonely at times and miss the social aspect of seeing co-workers daily. As I get more students and get myself out there teaching I will create a better balance. In the meantime, I am currently trying to get new patterns up and kits made!

Portobello_Cowl_Kit_The_Crafty_Jackalope_Large_Apple Green_cream_Steel Gray 2 Bambie_Cowl_Kit_The_Crafty_Jackalope

It feels like I am working in slow motion. There are so many elements to design and I am constantly reminded how much time it takes to design a hat, a toy, a garment or accessory. I have a head and sketchbook full of designs and getting them up for sale is quite the process from sketching, to swatching and knitting, to pattern writing, photographing to formatting. I love every minute of it (ok, maybe not the swatching part…) but I can’t seem to knit as fast as my brain can produce designs. There is also the discipline of taking the time, to not jump the gun, maybe to develop a whole line or story rather than one-offs, or make an e book of a series of patterns rather than singles. These days I am really exercising the process of “taking my time” with these decisions: Frustrating? Learning? More satisfaction? I am not sure yet.  Along with designing patterns, my newest thing is offering my more recent designs as kits: yarn & pattern included. I think my customers like these cute packages of chosen colours and patterns. Currently I am working with RainCityKnits, whom specializes in brights; I am loving the pop in colour my knitting has taken on! I currently have a few kits for sale at La Movida Design Studio and on my Etsy site. (Left photo: Portobello Cowl Large colourway will be available in July)

Portobello_Cowl_Kit_The_Crafty_Jackalope_Large Bambi_Cowl_Midnight

Check out the yarn & fiber reviews from The Crafty Jackalope

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The other weekend mum and I packed our bags…a lot of bags and drove down to Bellevue, WA USA for a fun, and educational weekend of knitting knitting knitting! Here we come Vogue Knitting Live!
I would like to say the drive down was seamless, but we managed to get a major flat tire.

We were lucky: we managed to be close to a truck stop, a nice man changed the tire for us and it wasn’t raining!!

After watching how a tire gets changed, mum and I both think we could do it ourselves even though the bolts seem to be on super tight! Tip of the day from my husband, unscrew the bolts BEFORE you lift the tire so it doesn’t move!

VKL weekends are always fun and so full of learning. Our first class was Tips & Tricks taught by our favorite, Josh Bennett. We love his charismatic and upbeat teaching style, not to mention, the new life-changing cast ons he taught us!! After, we attended a great lecture with Trisha Malcolm, editor of Vogue Knitting Magazine. Same lecture as last year, but we heard different things. Main take-away: to establish a definite style/look/ or certain signature technique to my designs and become an expert at that one specialty….I have a lot to think about! Afterwards we took a class with the always amazing Susan B. Anderson; she is just so inspiring. I love her 3-group teaching style and her classes are always so engaging! The next day we took an intensive 6 hour class with Ragga. She specializes in Icelandic Lopi yarn garments. She taught us how to steek- my number one knitting fear conquered! If you are not familiar with steeking…it’s knitting in the round and then CUTTING your knitting to make a cardigan or open a hood!!!

lopi sweater_1

This is my 3rd time attending VKL. The first year I went to VKL New York, which was a pretty spectacular location. Bellevue, although not NY, is a great location for the weekend and the fact that I get to go with my mum, makes it so much more special! This year we met up with my aunt which was icing on the cake! Oh, by the way, my mum is such a celebrity at VKL! All our instructors absolutely love and support her. They get so excited about her shawl pins and new knitting accessories she makes.

I always come back jazzed from VKL. This last week and a half I have been clearing some designs out of my head and really focusing on developing Kits (pattern & yarn combos). Most of my current patterns I sell will be offered as a kit but I have a few new ideas which I am really excited about. They will all be available on Etsy soon, I will keep you posted.

Here is a sneak peek….

Itty Bitty Buddies_1



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