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It’s been a while since my last blog.  I have been over at the TCJ Inspiration Place Blog these days.

Full collection gridI have very exciting news that I have to share with you.  Last week, August 17th, 2016 I launched my first 7 piece mini collection publication!!  I have been working on it for the past year and I am thrilled about it, and I know you will be too!

The Crafty Jacaklope: Vol. 01 ~ YARN


The collection consists of 6 original pieces and the Portobello Cowl which I re branded/redesigned for SweetGeorgia yarn.  All the pieces in the collection feature SweetGeorgia Yarns; the yarn inspired the collection!


Royal Flounce Shawl is a lace-on-lace creation.  The way I wrote the pattern is in easy to follow sections.  One of my test knitters had never knit lace or a shawl before, when she asked me if she could test this design I said, “of course!”  She made it though smoothly, and I think that is a great testament!  I used SweetGeorgia Cashlux Spark and Silk Fog.


Color Fade Shawl is a great knit.  The best part is switching between colors and the easy to knit rhythmical pattern.  Use either an Ombré yarn or contrasting stripes, both transition nicely! This project is a great stash buster project (abut 105 yards per color).  For this shawl, I used SweetGeorgia Party of Five Gradient Mini Skeins.


Bandana Rocks…well, rocks!  This is such a fun piece, to make AND to wear!!  With short rows, bobbles and slipped stitches, you wont get bored knitting this piece!  I used SweetGeorgia Superwash Six.


Honey Stone Cowl & Fingerless Gloves is a gorgeous set.  The Honeycomb pattern gives these pieces some interest while showing off the texture of the yarn beautifully. Knit with SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock & Silk Mist.


River Rock Cowl is the must-have-piece of the season.  Perfect for doubling or keeping full length, this cowl is full for texture and we love the stripes! The possibility of color combos is endless!  Knit with SweetGeorgia Superwash Worsted & Trinity Worsted.


Portobello Cowl Version 2.0 is an oldie but a goodie.  It’s one of our favorites and now it has been rebranded/redesigned using SweetGeorgia Yarns.  Sign up for SweetGeorgia’s blog to get 12 exclusive color combos, just for the Portobello!

The digital copy of the book is now available,  and we are currently taking pre-orders for the Print/Digital combo.  If you order the Print/Digital version, you can expect the Print copy to be shipped mid September, 2016, and you will receive your Digital version as soon as you order!  The patterns are also available for single PDF purchase here and here.

If you want more info about the patterns and to look at other peoples projects, you can find the collection here, on Ravelry.

SweetGeorgia Yarns has a promotion on their blog for 10% off yarn until August 31st, 2016.  Visit her blog now to get the promo code and sign up to get an exclusive PDF Portobello 12 Color combo list!


AND, we are giving away a Portobello Cowl Version 2.0 Knit kit!!  Valued at $94 CAD, it comes with 3 skeins of SweetGeorgia Superwash Worsted yarn; 1 Portobello Cowl Version 2.0 pattern & 1 TCJ 100% cotton project bag.  Enter on thecraftyjackalope.com website or here. Contest closes August 31st, 2016.


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I have been pretty busy since the launch of THE CRAFTY JACKALOPE website in December 2015. A little more than one month in and it is kicking my butt, but in a good way!  The idea behind the site is to make it a place where people can be inspired to knit, crochet, craft & make.  Every Monday I post something new #TCJMonday on the inspiration place blog. It is either a new pattern, kit, tip, project, and recently it was the launch of Dear Knitter.


Dear knitter is such an exciting project to me, it is an advice column answering your questions about knitting, crafting & making; the response has been amazing! So far I update it weekly adding new questions/answers every Wednesday. The questions coming in are so fun and I love digging deep to answer and give, hopefully, detailed and informed answers!


If you have questions or need some knitterly & crafty advice please contact us!  If you are on the website you can either use the contact form on the bottom right hand corner or the “chat with us” on the bottom left corner.  You can also send us an email: amanda@thecraftyjackalope.com or submit your question(s) in the comments here!

Capital_Cowl_V2_0_The_crafty_Jackalope_2         Capital_Cowl_V2_0_The_crafty_Jackalope_3       Capital_Cowl_V2_0_The_crafty_Jackalope_5

I said this is just a quick update, but I just want to show you this.  At Knit City 2015 I came out with the Capital Cowl which was probably the most popular kit.  The original yarn, unfortunely since then, has been discontinued so I re designed it using Diamond Luxury Collection Mirage, a beautiful Wool/Silk blend.  The knit kits {yarn & pattern} are available now on the website here!  It’s a super fun, quick knit.


Be sure to sign up for the monthly newsletter for the recap of the monthly inspiration and some deals and any news and announcements I might have.

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 Happy New Year everyone! 

edited owl headband with cat

I am relieved to put 2015 behind me, to be honest it was a really hard year.  That being said it is more important to focus on the amazing things that happened and the accomplishments, and there were quite a few!


In 2015 The Crafty Jackalope proved to be a viable business doubling from 2014,  and for that I am forever thankful.  It is my passion to create, knit, design and teach.  To be able to do this work full time and to be supported by my fans, customers, family, friends and students is so encouraging and fulfilling.  I truly feel thankful to everyone and I am excited to continue to develop new projects, designs, kits and teach moving forward into 2016.  There is no short of ideas and projects to come to fruition.

the crafty jackalope

Probably one of the momentous accomplishments of 2015, although, still a work in progress, was the launch of thecraftyjackalope.com


Graduating from etsy (my knitting/crochet patterns are still available on the etsy shop) to a full ecommerce site is just so incredible.  Now all the TCJ products including patterns, knit/crochet kits {yarn & pattern}, project bags, and stitch markers are all in one place.  I also started a new blog off the site called the inspiration place (click here to view).  Every Monday I post either a new product, new pattern, new knit/crochet kit or a new technique.  You can also sign up for the monthly newsletter where I will be recapping the previous month and offering exclusive newsletter deals!  The Crafty Jackalope newsletter will come out the first Monday of each month.


Other exciting news, I opened an account with SweetGeorgia Yarn and will slowly add more and more knit/crochet kits with her stunning colors!  So far I kit up the Portobello Cowl version 2.0 which is now available on the site. Check back weekly to be inspired! I recommend the SweetGeorgia Podcast.


Other great things in 2015, Mike and I got to be extras on the set of the Fear The Walking Dead!  How cool is that!!??


KNit City 2015 3

KNit City 2015 4


Mum and I shared a booth at Knit City this October and it was so much fun!  The Crafty Jackalope paired with Talking Clay just works!



Princess Leia Baby Hat


Star Wars the Force Awakens came out a few weeks ago and was AMAZING! Princess Leia hat & Yoda Hat are the obvious choice!



The Puddle Shawl and I both got recognition in Vogue Knitting Magazine this fall in the Canadian Designers section; what an honor!



My mum gifted me this AMAZING Purl Soho cashmere Ombre Wrap…I am 3 1/2 out of 8 skeins in….

North by Northwest interview 1 North by Northwest interview 2

I was interviewed by Sheryl MacKay from North by Northwest!


Reflecting back, 2015 was pretty amazing in so many ways!  Moving forward with that momentum is how I choose to embrace 2016!


Rest in peace Edith Keen & Ann Carter.  You will be missed. We carry your memories through kindness and craft ~

Edith Keen nani



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Today, day 2: Arrows and Sparrows Cowl


This cowl was designed using Extra from one of my  favorite yarn companies, Blue Sky Alpacas! Using one skein each of 3 colors: 3521 Lake Ice; 3523 Black Swan; and 3514 Marsh.  But seriously, they have a beautiful range of colors, so the color combos are endless!


Arrows and Sparrows cowl is knit flat starting with a Provisional Cast On, working a stripped chevron pattern with a pretty eyelet and ending seamlessly graphing the two ends together using Kitchener Stitch.  Not too sure about Provisional Cast on’s or Kitchener Stitches, check out the links for some great tutorials.


You can find Arrows and Sparrows Cowl for sale here:


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Today, day 1: b e l l a   b e e   c o w l


This lace cowl is knit in the round and then the lace edging is knit flat & sideways along the live stitches.  I used one of my favorite brands of yarn, Purl Soho’s Worsted Twist.  What makes this yarn so nice? It is super soft, has a beautiful spin and I just can’t get enough of it!

If you like sets, the b e l l a   b e e   s l o u c h y   h a t  is the perfect match!

You can find this pattern:


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I imagine you assumed I was back from my travel adventures since my last post on travel knitting projects. As much as it would be nice to be on a 4 month hiatus, traveling abroad, I have been back for some time now. Although, I have not finished all my projects I brought with me on the trip, I have started and finished many more since…remember I have “Startitis.”

On the trip I packed 3 projects, as you might suspect, last minute project-panic lead to some changes. I ended up taking Modern Wrapper by Churchmouse Yarns & Teas (which I practically finished on the plane rides alone) and  Shibui Mix #19. I ditched the Featherweight Cardigan…which is still only about ¼ done, and I added a project to my suitcase: Little Black Capelet by Karen Juliano. I started this a long time go using Zealana Air is a deep dark navy/black…as much as I love this project, I did not touch it once; it was a bit too complex for travel-knitting.

I ended up finishing the Modern Wrapper!  And I am really happy with the way it turned out.  Mixing the strand of mohair with the Rowan Kid Classic did not make it as thick or heavy as I thought it would (which is a good thing) and it added the depth I felt was missing with the Kid Classic alone.

modern_wrapper_2 modern_wrapper_1

Shibui Mix #19 is about ½ finished.  This ended up being the best trip project.  It was light, did not take up much room and basically for the first ½ it’s simply knitting in the round; ideal for multi-tasking!


I had a bunch of Shibui Silk cloud in my stash so I mixed and matched and this is the colour combo I came up with; some solid stripes and some mixed stripes.  It certainly is not my usual colour palette, I think I like it….?

Now, everyone knows this is my favorite tie of year: Christmas lights sparking, warm fireplaces, knitting in cozy nooks with the cat, Christmas music and sweet smells of yummy baking, egg nog and a splash of Baileys.  Everyone also knows I do not knit Holiday gifts!  But I can’t resist a cute festive pattern.  Here are some I have designed; quick fun projects, time is ticking!

Dr Seuss Christmas Stocking mini wine gift 4 sides of the Dreidel_etsy

Dr. Suess Inspired Felted Christmas Stocking

Mini Christmas Stocking

Felted Chanukah Dreidel

If you’re not into making something for the holidays, I have pre made Cowls for sale on Etsy in tons of colours!  Use Coupon code: KNITTYGRITTY2014 at check out and get free shipping! Offer good until Dec 31st 2014.


For more goodies check out thecraftyjackalope.com and/or The Crafty Jackalope on Etsy.


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Working from home has its challenges. I am definitely an independent worker, I like to focus on my own but I do get lonely at times and miss the social aspect of seeing co-workers daily. As I get more students and get myself out there teaching I will create a better balance. In the meantime, I am currently trying to get new patterns up and kits made!

Portobello_Cowl_Kit_The_Crafty_Jackalope_Large_Apple Green_cream_Steel Gray 2 Bambie_Cowl_Kit_The_Crafty_Jackalope

It feels like I am working in slow motion. There are so many elements to design and I am constantly reminded how much time it takes to design a hat, a toy, a garment or accessory. I have a head and sketchbook full of designs and getting them up for sale is quite the process from sketching, to swatching and knitting, to pattern writing, photographing to formatting. I love every minute of it (ok, maybe not the swatching part…) but I can’t seem to knit as fast as my brain can produce designs. There is also the discipline of taking the time, to not jump the gun, maybe to develop a whole line or story rather than one-offs, or make an e book of a series of patterns rather than singles. These days I am really exercising the process of “taking my time” with these decisions: Frustrating? Learning? More satisfaction? I am not sure yet.  Along with designing patterns, my newest thing is offering my more recent designs as kits: yarn & pattern included. I think my customers like these cute packages of chosen colours and patterns. Currently I am working with RainCityKnits, whom specializes in brights; I am loving the pop in colour my knitting has taken on! I currently have a few kits for sale at La Movida Design Studio and on my Etsy site. (Left photo: Portobello Cowl Large colourway will be available in July)

Portobello_Cowl_Kit_The_Crafty_Jackalope_Large Bambi_Cowl_Midnight

Check out the yarn & fiber reviews from The Crafty Jackalope

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