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I think I am driving my Husband crazy with all this knitting- he says “can’t you just relax with me” and I look at him confused saying “but I am relaxing” as I click’ity- clack the needles row after row.  I suppose it is my jolting motion I make every time I flip the yarn over the needle that is least relaxing- I agree…one day I will learn a graceful knitting technique. 

He recently built a shelf to accommodate his addiction: DVD collecting.  And since it isn’t 100% full of DVD’s yet I have found it to be a perfect spot to store my addiction: yarn, knitting book and 1/2 done knitting project collecting!  He is good at sharing for now but I suppose his DVD’s will win over the space soon enough which only means that he will have to build me a special yarn shelf! 

Now that I have started knitting like crazy and storing my yarn on the DVD shelf, where do I put my ends (the yarn left over from most projects)?  Suddenly my home décor mode kicks in and I think of the perfect spot, a glass bowl.  Displaying rather than hiding the ends in plastic bags until I commit to a project I can use them in is just right.  A glass bowl full of yarn as a center piece is most charming and mysterious, what will these mini orbs of yarn be used for?


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